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David Diehl reveals off-season knee surgery

Veteran offensive lineman David Diehl said Tuesday that he is recovering from off-season arthroscopic knee surgery, and has not heard from the Giants about his future.

Jeff Zelevansky

Earlier today I laid out the argument for the New York Giants keeping veteran offensive lineman David Diehl, part of which revolved around Diehl's versatility and his ability to fill in for players who faced recoveries from off-season surgeries.

Well, it turns out that Diehl had off-season surgery of his own. The veteran offensive lineman on Tuesday told Tom Rock of Newsday that he had arthrospcopic surgery on his right knee at the end of the season.

Diehl told Rock he has not heard anything from the Giants yet in regards to his future.

"The thing you realize at an early age is that as an NFL player you have an expiration date on you and it comes with a price tag," the offensive lineman said Tuesday. "That's the way that it always goes. Nothing has been said to me yet, but that's all things you can't control. The only things you can control are the way you prepare each and every day, getting myself healthy, and whenever that comes about we'll deal with it. But as of now, nothing has been said. ...

"Let the chips go where they may," he said about his future with the Giants as well as his future position if he remains with the team. "Who knows how it's all going to work out? . . . Obviously William [Beatty] is still a free agent, and so is Kevin Boothe. We'd love to have both of those guys back in the offensive line room, but this is the NFL. We know that each and every year there is change, there are different things that happen. That's yet to be seen."

This is an interesting piece of news, and maybe adds a bit to the intrigue surrounding Diehl's future.