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New York Giants' 2013 salary cap: Still work to be done

The New York Giants are under the salary cap for 2013, but still have work to do in order to re-sign some of their own free agents.

Antrel Rolle
Antrel Rolle
Stephen Dunn

Things were relatively calm around the New York Giants last week. Sure, there was a new contract for defensive back Terrell Thomas and the signing of free-agent placekicker David Buehler. The real work of putting themselves in good salary cap position to build their 2013 roster seemed to take a break, however.

When they cut veterans Chris Canty, Ahmad Bradshaw and Michael Boley nearly two weeks ago -- saving around $13 million in cap space while doing do -- speculation quickly turned to who would be next on the chopping block.

So far, the answer has been ... no one.

Rest assured, though, the Giants can't yet be done trimming payroll. According to Spotrac, the Giants are at roughly $116.5 million in salary for 2013, about $4.5 million under the cap.

With that in mind, you have to think business is going to pick up again soon.

Perhaps the Giants are waiting until after the combine, which begins Wednesday. After that they will have a better idea what they will do in the draft, which positions are flush with talent and which are thin. They could also be waiting a little while before making more moves to see what players hit the market as other teams make their own salary cap cuts.

The obvious candidates to be cut are offensive lineman David Diehl and cornerback Corey Webster, with some also speculating about the futures of safety Antrel Rolle and defensive end Justin Tuck.

Here are the top seven players in terms of their 2013 cap figure.

  • Eli Manning -- $20.85 million ($13M in base salary)
  • Chris Snee -- $11 million ($6.7M base salary)
  • Webster -- $9.845 million ($7M base salary)
  • Rolle -- $9.25 million ($7M base salary)
  • Diehl -- $6.825 million ($4.475M base salary)
  • David Baas -- $6.725 million ($4.25M base salary)
  • Tuck -- $6.15 million (4.5M base salary)