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2013 NFL Free Agency: Potential Giants' target -- Glenn Dorsey, DT, Kansas City Chiefs

Glenn Dorsey has been a disappointment in Kansas City since the Chiefs took him with the fifth overall selection in the 2008 NFL Draft. Could he help the Giants as a run-stuffing defensive tackle?

Glenn Dorsey
Glenn Dorsey

On Friday when we discussed Detroit Lions defensive tackle Sammie Lee Hill as a potential free agent target for the New York Giants, there were some who mentioned a preference for Glenn Dorsey of the Kansas City Chiefs.

So today let's look at Dorsey.

He is a 6-foot-2, 316-pound defensive tackle drafted fifth overall by the Chiefs in 2008. Based on his pure numbers alone, Dorsey's five seasons in Kansas City would have to be considered a huge disappointment. He has only four career sacks, none since 2010. He played only four games in 2012, landing on injured reserve with a calf injury.

Arrowhead Pride editor Joel Thorman has this to say about Dorsey:

Glenn Dorsey is an interesting case. Drafted by the Chiefs fifth overall, Dorsey was often compared to Warren Sapp as the next great defensive tackle. After his first year in Kansas City, the Chiefs moved to a 3-4 defense, which meant Dorsey moved to defensive end, a position he hadn't played before. That's when the "Dorsey is out of position!" chants started in Kansas City, and they never really stopped. The truth is Dorsey was a serviceable 3-4 defensive end for the Chiefs. He was solid against the run but didn't provide anything in the pass rush department, which drove Chiefs fans crazy. (Note: this is also when the Chiefs started telling us that 3-4 defensive ends aren't supposed to pressure the passer. Right around the time they drafted Tyson Jackson third overall. I don't sound bitter, do I?) Dorsey is a solid player and would be a fine pick up for any team, but I don't think he's the next great defensive tackle. Because he was such a high pick and didn't rush the passer, it was hard to truly get excited about him.

Chris Canty, who visited Kansas City, would be replacing Dorsey's position if he were signed by the Chiefs. And Chiefs fans are excited by that.

Is Dorsey really a bust? Or, is he a player with untapped potential? Is he a guy who hasn't shown his true skills because he has been playing 3-4 defensive end when he should be playing 4-3 defensive tackle?

It's an interesting question.

The 3-4 defensive end spot is generally not a pass-rushing position, so his sack and pressure numbers are difficult to quantify.

Here are some notes from his Pro Football Focus numbers:

In 2012 he was +1.8 overall in just 115 snaps. That included +3.5 vs. the run and 2.1 vs. the pass with only one quarterback hurry.

In 2011, Dorsey was +17.7 against the run and -11.6 against the pass. In 2010, he was +16.4 vs. the run and -13.1 against the pass.

Obviously, the stats tell you he is a quality run defender who isn't much help getting to the quarterback. Does he fit the Giants? Well, theoretically they are flush with pass rushers even if Osi Umenyiora moves on. What they don't have are enough physical run-stuffers in the middle of their defense.

Perhaps Dorsey could fill that role.

Thoughts, Giants' fans?