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Henry Hynoski answers questions from BBV community

Blogger/fullback Henry Hynoski has answered some questions from the Big Blue View community today.

Henry Hynoski and Ahmad Bradshaw
Henry Hynoski and Ahmad Bradshaw
Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

New York Giants fullback Henry Hynoski -- well, a rep for Hynoski -- recently reached out to Big Blue View in hopes of getting some questions Hynoski could answer on his blog.

Well, some of you submitted questions for him to answer, and his latest blog entry was posted Thursday. He answered several questions, and also addressed the recent decision by the Giants to cut Ahmad Bradshaw. Here is what Hynoski wrote about Bradshaw:

I think the biggest thing I learned from Ahmad Bradshaw, who was part of the running backs meeting room for the two years I've been here so far, is to give everything you have to help the team.

It was amazing to see how he played through injuries, and that gave me the extra motivation to say, ‘Ok, you know what? Yeah, I'm sore, but Ahmad is probably hurting more.' I will really miss him, not just because of what he brought to the football field, but also because of the friendship that we had.

I want to do him proud by carrying on the spirit of leadership that he showed. When it comes to leading, I try to do it by example. I believe that anyone can say something that sounds good, but saying it and doing it are two different things.

Check out the rest of the blog entry to see Hynoski's answers to BBV's questions.