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Big Blue View Writer's Roundtable: Jesse, Kelsey on roster upheaval

Jesse, Kelsey weigh in on the recent moves made by the Giants, as well as what they think will come next.

Michael Boley
Michael Boley

Since the New York Giants cut veterans Chris Canty, Ahmad Bradshaw and Michael Boley last week there have been two central questions. First, what do you think of the moves? Second, what do you think is coming next?

We have discussed it in a few ways, but Big Blue View contributors Jesse Bartolis and Kelsey O'Donnell haven't completely weighed in with their opinions. In what you might call a 'Big Blue View Writers Roundtable,' here are Jesse's and Kelsey's thoughts on those two questions.

What are your thoughts on the roster moves made by the Giants last week?

Jesse: I think the changes were necessary. There is an emotional attachment from fans for players who are vital to a championship run and that was certainly the case with Giants fans in regards to the release of Ahmad Bradshaw. Bradshaw will always be loved by Giants fan from his breakaway run in Buffalo to spark the first Superbowl run to his falling backwards into the end-zone to seal their second Superbowl run. Bradshaw is the best pass protecting running back in the league and that facet of his game will sorely be missed, but his cost, and his injury history made him expendable. For me personally I'm hoping the Giants will be able to bring him back later as a third down to play behind Wilson and Brown at a lower cost.

The Chris Canty move is the move that is the most worrisome. The Giants have Linval Joseph at defensive tackle and then a lot of question marks. Will Marvin Austin emerge this year? Is Markus Kuhn good enough to be a starter? Can Shaun Rogers come back healthy and strong this year? The Chris Canty release is the only one I am worried about.

Michael Boley was an expensive weakside linebacker who struggled against the run and the pass last year and was a no-brainer move.

Kelsey :I figured injuries would play a huge part in Jerry's decisions for cuts, but the Ahmad Bradshaw news really took me by surprise. I understand he had another foot surgery and the more running backs have surguries on their feet the less effective they eventually become. Long term it was a smart decision by the Giants, but his fire and spirit will surely be missed. If there's one player on the New York Giants that always left his heart and soul on the field it was Bradshaw.

Chris Canty is another tough veteran, but injuries riddled him. I'm sad to see him go, but not surprised by it.

Michael Boley started off the year well, and was almost invisible the rest of the way. I'm not surprised Jerry Reese made this move.

What other veterans, if any, do you expect the Giants to part with?

Jesse: I think Corey Webster's contract will have to go-down or he could be released. I also think David Diehl is in a precarious situation, but other than those two I don't think anyone else is in serious jeopardy.

I personally would release Justin Tuck as well, but that's just me. I appreciate Tuck, but he has 82 tackles and 9 sacks combined the last two years. In 2011 he had 79 tackles and 11.5 sacks. Where did this guy go?

The Giants need to get younger, better, and cheaper on defense.

Kelsey: Obviously we know Osi Umenyiora's contract has been voided. Osi hinted he'd likely be moving on and I think he will follow through with that. There are only two questions now: when and where will he go? Hopefully he'll go somewhere outside the NFC East.

I think the Giants will wind up considering letting go either David Diehl or Corey Webster. I don't see them both getting cut and it will probably depend on how well drafting will go. I don't have to go too much into how abysmal they both looked in 2012.

As much as some Giants fans have wished for it Justin Tuck isn't going anywhere. He'll probably finish his contract, which is one more year, and they'll go from there.