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New York Giants' news, 2/13: Tuck trusts Reese, Markus Kuhn, more

New York Giants notes for Wednesday morning, including Justin Tuck saying general manager Jerry Reese has earned the right to be trusted to make the correct decisions about the roster.

Jerry Reese
Jerry Reese
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Good morning, New York Giants' fans! Here is your Wednesday morning notebook.

Tuck: In Reese we trust - Giants Blog - ESPN New York

"Those guys (management) have done a great job over the years of building a team that can be successful and I don't see why we can't trust in the fact that they know what they are doing up there."

Valentine's View: Tuck spoke about Reese and the recent cuts during an event he attended Tuesday night. Two takeaways for me. First, he's right. Reese has helped construct two Super Bowl-winning teams and rosters that are competitive each year. He knows what he's doing. Second, if Reese were to decide Tuck needed to be one of those cap casualties (which I do not expect) I wonder how he would feel.

Markus Kuhn aims for strong 2013 return

"I’m finally off my crutches, which is huge for me because just walking on the crutches all the time got obviously annoying," Kuhn recently told "But now I’m walking just fine. I’m doing really well with my rehab, and things are going actually a lot better and smoother than I thought they would be."

Valentine's View: With Chris Canty gone and Rocky Bernard an unrestricted free agent it seems that no matter what the Giants do in free agency or the draft there will be an opportunity for Kuhn or Marvin Austin to earn snaps. Let's hope Kuhn is healthy enough compete.

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