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Giants' biggest issue in 2013? Fixing the defense

The defense is the Giants' biggest issue heading into 2013 -- not their offensive line.


What is the biggest issue facing the New York Giants in 2013? In a look at what he believes is the biggest issue facing every NFL team heading into next season, Pete Prisco of CBS says that for the Giants it is the offensive line.

Prisco writes:

What to do with the offensive line?

That is a unit that tailed off in a big way in 2012. Now left tackle William Beatty and left guard Kevin Boothe are free agents. They have to fix that side of the line. The rest of the line wasn't much better. Eli Manning needs better play up front.

I'm going to, respectfully, disagree. It's the defense, Pete!

The biggest issue facing the Giants in 2012 is fixing a defensive unit that was awful in 2012 and, truthfully, hasn't been good for the past two seasons -- except for the season-ending six-game stretch that led to the Super Bowl victory in 2012.

Sure, the offensive line is a jumble right now and the Giants have to secure the left side. In the end the only real issue there is likely to be right tackle, and there are options there.

The defense is another story. Defensive tackle, linebacker, cornerback, depth at defensive and even safety could be an issue. In other words, there are leaks everywhere.

Fixing that has to be the most important thing for the Giants this off-season.