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Michael Vick re-signed by Philadelphia Eagles -- discussion thread

The Philadelphia Eagles have re-signed Michael Vick for one more season.

Michael Vick
Michael Vick

Michael Vick has been re-signed by the Philadelphia Eagles. The team announced the one-year, $10-million deal on Monday.

SB Nation's Eagles web site, Bleeding Green Nation, offered the following analysis:

So what does this mean? While it doesn't guarantee that Vick will be the starter in 2013, it does make it pretty likely. If Vick didn't get the impression that he could be the starter next year, he likely would have preferred to be cut to test the open market. I'm sure there will be a competition, but Vick would appear to be in the driver's seat.

It also is a strong sign that Chip Kelly doesn't see his future QB on the roster. If he thought Nick Foles was the guy, then why have Vick here at all? And if he thought Vick was the guy, why only bring him back for one year? This move makes it seem likely that Chip has chosen Vick as his "holdover" QB with an eye on next year's draft, which could be stocked with athletic signal callers.

Vick has, of course, been a turnover machine the past two seasons. He has 24 interceptions and 21 fumbles during that time, and BGN has done an exhaustive study of all of them.

Your thoughts, Giants' fans? Good move for the Eagles? Bad move? Or, a move you could simply care less about?