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Super Bowl 2013: Super Bowl week memories of 2012, Friday edition

The Giants won the Super Bowl just a season ago. Here is a look back at what we were writing about on the Friday of Super Bowl week in 2012.

Eli Manning after Super Bowl XLVI
Eli Manning after Super Bowl XLVI
Al Bello

Let's continue our look back into the Big Blue View archives at Super Bowl week 2012. Today, we look at some of what was making headlines at BBV on Friday as the New York Giants readied to face the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI.

Eli Manning: How Elite Is He? - Big Blue View

It is amazing how quickly and easily winning changes perceptions. The question about New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is no longer whether or not he is an elite quarterback. The question is 'how elite is he?' and, to go a step further, how high could he rise on the quarterback food chain before his career, which is really only around its halfway point, concludes?

Valentine's View: You know what else is amazing? How the perception of Eli's elite status changes from year to year.

'Five Things To Watch,' Super Bowl Edition - Big Blue View

'Friday Five' With Pat Traina: Super Bowl Edition - Big Blue View