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Jason Pierre-Paul Injury: JPP hopes his season isn't over

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Giants' star defensive end wants to play again this season and his hopeful he can avoid surgery on his injured shoulder.

Jason Pierre-Paul
Jason Pierre-Paul

Jason Pierre-Paul said Wednesday that he wants to play again this season.

"I hope so," said Pierre-Paul, sidelined by a shoulder injury he originally suffered in Week 10 vs. the Oakland Raiders. "I'm taking it day-by-day. I'm in the training room 24/7. Even at home I'm doing rehab. I'm doing everything that I possibly can to put me back on the field."

Pierre-Paul, who missed last Sunday's game vs. the Washington Redskins, was non-committal about playing this week vs. the San Diego Chargers.

"I can't really give you an answer on that right now. The only thing that I can do right now is to take it day-by-day and I'll continue to come in and get treatment twice daily and rehab it," Pierre-Paul said. "As far as playing, I can't really tell you when I'm going to play."

Pierre-Paul said he does not believe the shoulder will require surgery.

"I don't think so. I hope not. That would set me back some more, I hope not. I'm pretty sure it's nothing that needs surgery on, it just needs rest," Pierre-Paul said. "I've been rehabbing it 24/7, even at home, so hopefully it can get better before the season's over with."

Following offseason back surgery the entire 2013 season has been a struggle for Pierre-Paul, who has only two sacks.

"This season has been up and down for me. I'm not frustrated at it. At the end of the day I just have to get better and get healthy and come out and know what I can do best and that's play football," Pierre-Paul said. "For me not playing, it's very frustrating but at the end of the day I'd rather get healthy than put myself in jeopardy out there."