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New York Giants' news, 12/31: What we know about Kevin Gilbride's status

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New York Giants' headlines for Tuesday, 12/31.

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In the wake of co-owner John Mara on Monday calling the New York Giants' offense "broken" there has been rampant speculation about the future of long-time offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride. Let's clarify what we know.

Is Gilbride 'likely' to be fired, as one report indicated Monday evening? The answer is no one really knows any more than what Mara said Monday. If you were a betting man, though, after listening to Mara's words and hearing the unhappy tone in his voice you would say the safe bet is that Gilbride is out.

Here is one Mara quote: "Certainly there are some changes that need to be made within the entire organization."

There was speculation Monday night that Coughlin would fight to keep Gilbride, even to the point of resigning. Let's remember that 'speculating' something might happen and 'reporting' you have been told it is a real possibility are two different things. Anyone can speculate and it doesn't mean they know anything.

What we know is that Coughlin is fiercely loyal, and that Gilbride has been with him since Coughlin's days as Jacksonville Jaguars head coach. Coughlin would seem likely to fight to keep Gilbride, and the upcoming meeting between the coach, Mara and GM Jerry Reese will probably become heated over Gilbride and other coaches.

"I have great confidence in this group of men that we've had here as a coaching staff and I believe in them very strongly," Coughlin said on Monday.

But resign over Gilbride? That seems far-fetched.

"I do want to coach," Coughlin said Monday. "Everybody wants to know what's next for me. I hope it's coaching the New York Giants."

I seriously doubt Coughlin is willing to draw a line in the sand and stake his coaching career on keeping Gilbride as his offensive coordinator.

What about the idea that former Giants' wide receivers and quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan could replace Gilbride? With Sullivan's connection to the Giants, the fact that Eli Manning has a comfort level with him and that he now has a couple of seasons of play-calling experience from being offensive coordinator with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, linking Sullivan to the Giants is an obvious jump to make. Again, though, at this point it classifies as pure speculation.

The best thing about all of this? It gives us plenty to discuss all week. Stay tuned.

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