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New York Giants vs. Washington Redskins, Pro Football Focus Review

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Some surprisingly good grades from PFF as we re-examine the season finale of the 2013 New York Giants season.

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The Giants defeated the Washington Redskins Sunday in what was a nasty, dirty, sloppy game with zero offense on either side. They eventually pulled away thanks to a defense that stifled whatever the Redskins called an offense and an impressive performance behind the one and only Jerrel Jernigan.

Despite his prolific day, however, Jernigan was not the MVP for this season finale. Who was? Read on, my friends, and find out:

Offensive MVP

Justin Pugh (+5.4) - Pugh is no stranger to playing well, as he left his best performance for last. Pugh allowed only one hurry all game and graded out at an excellent +3.6 in run blocking as he had several flawless seal blocks on the Redskins outside linebackers. He has truly transformed from a rookie who was over his head into a reliable, steady, and nasty lineman who shows a youthful vigor in defending the line of scrimmage.

Key Offensive Contributors

Jerrel Jernigan (+4.0) - Jernigan did not fall very far behind Pugh as he put on a show. He had one dropped pass but he did pretty much everything else right, taking a reverse sweep 49 yards for a TD and notching another 90 yards through the air, including two acrobatic catches. It seems to be the key phrase in all of this, and its probably already overused, but John Mara's words bear repeating: "Why did it take us three years to find out Jerrel Jernigan can play?"

James Brewer (+3.2) - Brewer really is an enigma. Like Pugh, he was nearly flawless, allowing only one pressure all game before exiting early due to ankle injury. He also provided good blocking and ended the season with a nice bounce back game.

William Beatty (+3.0) - Beatty has been one of the most maligned players of the year, but he also had a monstrous game this week. He was flawless in pass protection, allowing absolutely ZERO pressure according to PFF and did some nice work in the run game. It's a darn shame that his year ended on a broken leg injury, but it is good to know that he is capable of having good games still.

John Conner (+1.9) - Almost all of this was due to Conner's effort in run blocking. He blew up some holes for Peyton Hillis early and often. He also was pretty much perfect when being called in to pass block.

Dallas Reynolds (+1.6) - ::Rubs eyes:: Is that, what, FOUR offensive linemen grading positively this week? Huh? Reynolds was the starting left guard when Brewer went down and did an admirable job filling in as the last line of defense. He still got punked once or twice by some nice moves by Jarvis Jenkins, but held his own.

Stephen Goodin (+1.6) - Okay now this is getting ridiculous. A fifth offensive lineman making the PFF positive section. Goodin filled in for the injured Beatty and didn't miss much of a beat in run blocking.

Offensive GOAT

Kevin Boothe (-3.3) - Boothe is an enigma. Sometimes he's dominant. Sometimes he's painful to watch. Barry Cofield had his way with him and David Diehl on multiple occasions. He allowed more pressures by himself than did Pugh and Beatty combined in this game.

Key Offensive Villains

Curtis Painter (-3.1) - About what you'd expect. Painter was rumblin,' bumblin,' stumblin' as the backup QB. He pretty much couldn't muster any momentum at all and threw an interception.

Andre Brown (-2.7) - Lost in the play of the offensive line and the wide receivers is the poor play of Brown. He allowed a pressure in pass blocking and didn't force any missed tackles yet again. He got reasonable blocking by the offensive line this time around. Peyton Hillis was able to take advantage, but Brown was not.

Louis Murphy (-2.1) - Some ugly drops and one catch despite ample playing time. Easy catches that could've been made for big gains were too tough for him. Not pretty.

Brandon Myers (-1.2) - Equally poor in run blocking and pass catching, the lasting moment of Myers I will have from this game is the ball bouncing off his chest and into a Redskin defender's hands for an interception in the end zone.

Defensive MVP

Trumaine McBride (+5.4) - Perhaps someone should call him mighty mouse. What a game! He blanketed his opposing wide receiver, which was either Aldrick Robinson or Santana Moss. He was suffocating. He was a big reason for the defense's success. Want to know how he did in coverage?

He was targeted 12 times. He allowed 2 completions for 20 yards. Oh, and he also had four passes defensed and two interceptions. Yeah, I think he's a keeper.

Key Defensive Contributors

Terrell Thomas (+2.6) - Thomas did an excellent job in the slot where he allowed only two catches for 12 yards on six targets. He had several big tackles and allowed very little YAC. It was an overall strong day for the Giants veteran.

Linval Joseph (+1.8) - Joseph made several stops in the run game to help contain Alfred Morris. He's sure to get a nice deal in free agency as a balanced disruptor.

Jonathan Hankins (+1.5) - Maybe it's time that the Giants actually start playing their guys a bit more. This grade was accomplished in only 18 snaps and was the fifth consecutive positive grade for the big run stuffer. He was a monster in the middle and didn't allow much of anything to happen inside.

Justin Tuck (+1.4) - Surprisingly, this wasn't for his run defense, where he graded negatively. This was for his pass rush, which notched him 2 sacks, a FF, and 4 additional QB hurries. Tuck loves Tyler Polumbus, I guess.

Prince Amukamara (+1.4) - Amukamara makes this grade here for his pass coverage. For the second week in a row, he shadowed the opposing top wide receiver. In this case, it was Pierre Garcon, who Amukmara held to only three catches for 30 yards on five targets.

Will Hill (+1.3) - Another week, another positive grade for Will Hill. Yawn. Good job in run defense and pass coverage like every week. Not much else to say except that he's a stud.

Keith Rivers (+1.1) - Didn't play many snaps but barely makes the threshold here for his work in run defense.

Defensive GOAT

Mathias Kiwanuka (-3.1) - Say it ain't so! Perhaps last week was a fluke, but Kiwanuka was rendered impotent on his pass rush against Pro Bowl left tackle Trent Williams. Notched two QB hits on 49 rushes. Pretty bad.

Key Defensive Villains

Mike Patterson (-1.5) - "Fat Patt" has had a rash of some bad games to end the season. It will make re-signing him an interesting decision. Wasn't a factor in run defense or pass rush either way. One of the only defensive tackles to grade poorly this week.

Impact Special Teams Performers

Zak DeOssie (-1.5) - For what? Your guess is as good as mine on this one. Not sure how he screwed up.

Sorry, no bonus stats this week, but stay tuned for our Pro Football Focus Season Review!