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It's almost official ... Tom Coughlin will return as Giants' coach

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The Giants did not officially say Monday that Tom Coughlin will coach next season. Coughlin, however, wants to return and both GM Jerry Reese and owner John Mara said they want him back.

Tom Coughlin
Tom Coughlin
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Unless there is some sort of stunning change of heart in the next few days by one or all of the New York Giants' primary decision-makers, Tom Coughlin will return as head coach next season.

There was no official announcement to that effect from the Giants on Monday, but there were strong indications. All parties seemed to agree that Coughlin returning next season for his 11th with the Giants is the outcome they wanted.

Coughlin addressed the question by saying simply "I do want to coach."

"I've always been a coach," Coughlin said. I've always had the energy, the drive, the determination.

"I'm just a young guy in this business."

General manager Jerry Reese said "I do want him to come back. Absolutely I want him to come back."

Co-owner John Mara said "We do want him back. We still have every confidence in him."

Both Reese and Mara said they would, as the Giants generally do, wait a couple of days before sitting down with Coughlin to discuss the future, which would include whether or not to extend his contract. Coughlin will enter 2014 in the final year of a three-year deal.

Coughlin will be 68 next season. Mara said whether or not to extend his contract is "yet to be decided."