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Music City Bowl 2013, Georgia Tech vs. Ole Miss: Prospect Watch

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See which potential future Giants are playing in the Music City Bowl

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While both schools playing in Monday's Music City Bowl, Georgia Tech and Ole Miss, have a number of draft eligible prospects, there are two that stand out above the rest. They would be wide receiver Donte Moncrief of Ole Miss, and defensive end/outside linebacker Jeremia Attaochu of Georgia Tech.

Donte Moncrief

Moncrief is very close to being a "complete" receiver. He has the size teams covet on the outside at 6-foot-2, 225 pounds, he is a smooth route runner who's breaks are still sharp. He has the hands and body control that lets him use his size to catch pretty much everything thrown near him.

That being said, he's currently thought of as a third-round prospect. Part of that is due to the incredible depth at wide receiver in this year's draft class. Another part of that is due to his stats taking a step back from his 2012 campaign, with fewer receptions, yards, and touchdowns this year. As well, there are questions about his straight line speed despite Moncrief rarely being caught from behind (scouts had similar questions about Hakeem Nicks and Rueben Randle coming out).

If a team can snag him in the third round, they'll be getting a great talent at an incredible value.

One more name to watch for from Ole Miss would be cornerback Charles Sawyer and an undersized (5-10, 178 pounds) late-round prospect. He's flashed ability, but he's been dealing with a shoulder injury and a DUI arrest.

Jeremiah Attaochu

Attaochu is an interesting prospect. He has decent size (6-3, 242), with nice length. He's got a great burst off the snap, and very nice speed for his size. Playing with his hand(s) in the dirt, he's able to keep his pad level low and play with good leverage. He uses his bend and agility well to go around blockers and also shows a violent bull rush to go with a wide open motor.

All that being said, if an offensive lineman is able to re-anchor and get his hands on him, there isn't much Attaochu can do. Its unclear if he can deal with NFL offensive linemen in the trenches at his current size as a speed rushing DE, and he might not be able to add much more mass to his frame and retain his burst and agility.

Because of that, Attaochu might be best served being a stand up rusher in a 3-4 or hybrid defense. This is a pretty poor draft overall for pass rushers, which would favor Attaochu shooting up draft boards. However, all the depth there is at Attaochu's position of outside linebacker.

Whatever happens with his draft stock, Attaochu should be fun to watch in this game.

Game Details

Game Time: 3:15 p.m. ET