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Justin Tuck Q&A: Talking food, and other things, with Giants' defensive end

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New York Giants' defensive end Justin Tuck chats with Big Blue View.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Tuck is admittedly still sore after an iron-man performance in which he played every snap and had a career-high four sacks vs. the Washington Redskins on Sunday. While he lets his body heal the New York Giants' defensive end was making the rounds Tuesday to promote Subway Customer Appreciation Month.

Big Blue View had the opportunity Tuesday morning to spend a few minutes chatting with Tuck via phone. Rather than rehash Sunday's game or get Tuck to answer questions about his future,  our Q&A went in an off-beat direction. We talked about food, pre-game routines and asked for thoughts on some of his teammates. Enjoy!

Favorite Subway sandwich ...

"My favorite Subway sandwich historically is the roasted chicken breast, but we are promoting the pastrami. I wasn't a pastrami fan at first, but they're winning me over with the new pastrami they have at Subway. It's qualified as the big hot pastrami."

'I’ve been here nine years, I’ve been very successful, I’m fully ingrained in this community. Yes, I would love to be a New York Giant. But we’re gonna sit down and talk about it at the end of the year, and approach it just like the Giants will — as a business.' - Tuck on WFAN

Go-to pre-game meal ...

"I really eat anything. If I had to pick my favorite if we're not playing an early game I love to eat something lean like a smoked turkey breast or some broccoli or something like that. Something lean and can really have a lot of energy packed behind it."

Teammate who can eat the most ...

"You would never guess this, but we have a running back named Michael Cox and this guy eats like his life was dependent upon it, seriously. At dinner I've seen him have four steaks, two chicken breasts, a plate of pasta and like four or five pieces of cake. It's unbelievable. The guy literally has like five percent body fat, so I'm like ‘you're not human.' Ask any guy on the New York Giants and I guarantee that's the answer you're gonna get.

"Pound-for-pound this guy eats more than anybody I've ever seen in my life. I would love to see him in the hot dog contests."

Favorite food from the team's Quest dining facility ...

"We have three or four really quality chefs there. They make just about anything that you want, and they make it very well. One of the best things they make is this red velvet cake they give me every Friday. It's kinda like a ritual that I have, I have to have the red velvet cake every Friday.

"It's pretty unique the setup that we have at the Quest. We're very lucky to have the facilities that we have. They make just about everything at a top-notch level."

Pre-game ritual ...

"My routine is to get there really early, get set up, get your pads together, get in the hot tub or the cold tub, get your treatment and what not and massages early. After that I pretty much just sit in my locker and go over the game plan and just wait for the game to get there. I really don't do anything special."

At this point, we switched gears a little bit. I tossed some player names at Tuck and asked him for his reaction.

Justin Pugh ...

"Man I'm really excited about Justin Pugh, I really am. I get the opportunity to work with him on a day-to-day basis and what I'm most impressed with everyone knows he has the skill set to play the position but he'll ask me questions like what do you see me needing to work on or ‘can you work an inside move on me this week because the guy I'm going against has a really good inside move.' He's very keenly aware of his weaknesses and his strengths and he tries to work on both of them on a day-to-day basis. As a veteran guy being around here long enough to know it I really haven't seen any young guys come in and be that way. I think that's gonna really bode well for him having a great career in a Giants uniform."

Antrel Rolle ...

"I would say unsung hero but I think a lot of people are starting to notice how special he is. The guys comes to work every day with the same passion regardless of if we're 0-6 or we've won four or five in a row. I think he's a tremendous leader and obviously a tremendous player for us."

Damontre Moore ...

"One of the most passionate people I've ever played with, just going out there every day knowing he has a lot of things he still needs to work on, but one thing you would never deny -- Damontre is going out there and enjoying what he does. He brings a certain fire to the game that's infectious. Hands down one of the more athletic guys on the team. He still has some things to tie up as far as his technique, but once he does that, man, watch out.

"Athletic-wise he has all the tools. It's an adjustment period and he's going through it right now. Once we get him in the offseason, get him in the weight room and really get him accustomed to putting his hand in the ground I think he can really star in this league."

Thanks to Justin for giving us a few minutes of his time.