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Post-game Quotebook: Giants' players react as season ends

New York Giants' players react to the end of the season, and possibly the end of the Giants' careers of several players.

David Diehl greets fans as he leaves the field Sunday
David Diehl greets fans as he leaves the field Sunday
Ron Antonelli

The 2013 season is over for the New York Giants after Sunday's 20-6 victory over the Washington Redskins. The Giants careers of several players may have also come to an end. With that in mind here is some of the locker room reaction following the game.

David Diehl, whose career may have ended Sunday:

"To be out here to play the last game was very important for me because this could be the last time I wear a Giants' jersey and a helmet, or it could be the last time I play football in general. This was my last year on my contract and number one, to be blessed to have the opportunity that I can walk away on my own terms if I decide to, that's huge. Not many guys in the NFL can do that. I'm proud and I'm honored to be a New York Giant and be here for over a decade. I've accomplished everything I could possibly dream of.

"In 2003, if any of you would have written that Dave Diehl, a fifth-round draft pick out of Illinois, would start 160 games, play in 164 and tie Phil Simms for number 12 on the all-time playing list for the New York Giants, to win two Super Bowls, to be an All Pro, to play in the Pro Bowl, and win two Super Bowl rings, and win every single Giants' award possible, I think if you guys would have written that in '03, they would have said you're crazy. I've got a lot to be proud of and, most importantly, I've earned everything. Nothing was given to me, I've never been a silver spoon guy. I've been a guy who is a blue collar guy who has worked and earned everything, so here in the next couple of weeks, I'll spend some time with my daughter and enjoy the time and make the decision if this is my last game or not. I can walk away from this game, if that's my decision, with my head held high. I've accomplished a lot of things on the football field, I've given every ounce of my body and heart and determination to the New York Giants."

Antrel Rolle on winning seven of the last 10 games:

"It meant everything. This is the last game we had to go out there and showcase what we had for the 2013 season and closing it out with winning seven of our last ten games, we can’t ask for too much more than that. The team showed a lot of resiliency and we went out there and fought together as a team."

Eli Manning on Tom Coughlin's future:

"I hope he's back, that he wants to be back and the Giants want him back. You never know how these things work out, but I definitely hope he's the coach of the Giants next year."

Manning on his high ankle sprain:

"It's the only thing that's ever really taken me out of a game before. I think it's serious, but it will heal and I'll have all off-season to do that so I'm not worried about it being a lasting effect."

Justin Tuck on upcoming changes, which could include him moving on:

"It depends what you define as major. I think they're going to make changes. They'll do it the right way. Jerry Reese, the Mara family, the Tisch family they're pretty smart about what this team needs and what needs to be changed.

"Do I expect to be back? Get right to the point, huh? I really don't know. It's out of my hands. I think I did the best I could do to warrant being back, I guess.Like I always say, time will tell. We'll sit down and we'll talk and we'll figure it out."

Several Giants' players also took to Twitter to thank fans, especially those who braved the rain to attend Sunday's game.