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Super Bowl-bound? Rent Cooper Taylor's apartment

Live like a New York Giant, in a Giants' apartment, during the Super Bowl. If you can afford it, of course.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Did Santa drop an extra $9,000 under the tree for you Christmas morning? If so, you can use it to spend Super Bowl week living in the New Jersey condo of New York Giants' safety Cooper Taylor.

Taylor and his girlfriend are renting out the two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo for Super Bowl week because "We thought it would be the best time to get out of the city and go on vacation because that week will be a madhouse," said Taylor.

Per the New York Post, the apartment has a rooftop view of MetLife Stadium, a 70-inch TV and a pair of couches. The condo is within a mile of the stadium.

You can find the add on Craigslist and AirBnB.

Taylor, incidentally, will use the money for a vacation. So, there you have it. Go to the Super Bowl, live like a member of your favorite team and help a poor, struggling NFL rookie finance a vacation. What are you waiting for?