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Merry Christmas, New York Giants' fans!

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Christmas Day open thread. What would you like Santa to bring the Giants?

Buffalo Bills cheerleaders perform
Buffalo Bills cheerleaders perform
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Merry Christmas, New York Giants' fans! We know you will, as you should, spend most of today enjoying your family. If you want to sneak away for your daily dose of Big Blue View time, however, here is an open thread for you to use.

Let's make this a themed open thread. Our Christmas Day question is this, Giants' fans: If you could ask Santa to bring the New York Giants ONE player for 2014, draft pick or free agent, who would it be?

Let's keep replacing coaches out of this discussion. We have done that quite a bit already, and it is Christmas. Let's not talk about people losing jobs, or get into nasty arguments, on Christmas Day.

You want Jadaveon Clowney in a Giants' uniform next season?. Have a favorite free agent? Not sure who is going to be on free-agent market? Here is a look at the top free agents available. Tell us who you want and why you believe that person can be a difference-maker for the Giants in 2014.