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New York Giants' news, 12/24: Eli continues to back Gilbride

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New York Giants' headlines for Tuesday, 12/24.

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Good morning, New York Giants' fans! Here are your Giants' links for this morning.

Eli Manning backs offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride again |

Eli Manning gave offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride yet another vote of confidence Monday afternoon on his weekly spot on WFAN radio.

"Obviously, I had a different offensive coordinator early on but (Gilbride) was my quarterback coach and I was kind of learning the offense through him," Manning said. "It’s a lot of the same plays we’re still running. I feel very confident with him.

"We’re on the same page with a lot of things. He’s a tremendous coach. Sometimes, we have had a tremendous plan and it’s just we haven’t executed. That’s the players’ job. We have had a number of opportunities to make plays when they are there and we just haven’t done it.

"He has a great mind for football. He has a great plan each and every week for us to go out there and perform."

Up-Hill battle: Troublesome safety needs to earn Giants’ trust | New York Post

Teams are accustomed to players with baggage, but the trifecta of child-support issues, PED use and multiple failed marijuana tests raises the question whether Hill is more trouble than he’s worth.

At 6-foot-1, 207 pounds, he can crush receivers. He’s loaded with talent, but apparently not enough discipline. It’s hard to succeed in the NFL if you don’t have both.

Giants 3-Safety Setup Stopped Lions' Calvin Johnson -

How the Giants bottled up the league's most feared pass catcher surely had something to do with the nagging knee injury that kept Johnson on the sidelines for 33 of Detroit's 85 offensive snaps. It also helped that Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford misfired on a handful of seemingly straightforward passes.

But the biggest reason the Giants were able to limit Johnson's impact was because they deployed defensive players in an alignment known as their Bison package.

"You have to have some ideas about what you're going to do against him," Giants coach Tom Coughlin said of Johnson, known around the league by his nickname, Megatron. "We did some good things with our defensive structure to try to force the quarterback to not even think about going over there."

Finale has meaning for Giants : page all -

With one more game remaining in the franchise’s first losing campaign since 2004, here are the story lines that should garner the most attention as the Giants (6-9) prepare to close out the regular season against the Redskins (3-12) on Sunday at MetLife Stadium.

Giants report card for 23-20 OT win over Lions : page all -

The Record beat writer Art Stapleton grades the Giants performance in Detroit.