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Caption Contest: Test your creativity

Let's have a little Monday afternoon Caption Conest.

Eli Manning (left) and Hakeem Nicks (right)
Eli Manning (left) and Hakeem Nicks (right)
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

When I look at this picture, taken during the fourth quarter of Sunday's game vs. the Detroit Lions, I think it speaks volumes about the New York Giants' season. That is an unhappy-looking Eli Manning, left, and an equally-unhappy looking Hakeem Nicks (right) during the fourth quarter.

Neither player is looking at, or speaking to, the other. With both having had awful seasons, and Nicks almost certainly heading for a divorce from Manning and the Giants, this picture seems entirely too perfect. There has been a disconnect between receiver and quarterback since before the season began, and this photo seems to reflect that beautifully.

Give us your best caption for this photo. Your prize in our 'contest?' Well, you are going to have to settle for our undying appreciation of your ingenuity. And maybe a shout out on Twitter. Hopefully, that is enough for you.

Have at it, gang! Oh, and please keep it clean.