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New York Giants' news, 12/22: Gameday links

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New York Giants' headlines for Sunday, 12/22.

Can the Giants pick themselves up and give a solid effort today?
Can the Giants pick themselves up and give a solid effort today?
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Your New York Giants face the Detroit Lions today at 4:05 p.m. ET on FOX. Catch up on our full week of coverage in the Giants-Lions Hub Page.

Already in offseason mode? Well, you can hardly be blamed for that. The fine four-part series 'Fixing the Giants' from 'Invictus' is a good way to start your offseason dreaming about what the 2014 Giants could look like.

Need some last-minute Fantasy Football help? Be sure to read Dennis Esser's excellent start/sit, waiver wire advice post.

If you are a betting man, check Jesse Bartolis's picks against the point spread.

Have you been waiting to see Brandon Mosley play? Check out what 'Raptor' thought of Mosley's first extended playing time last week vs. the Seattle Seahawks.

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This is sure to bring a smile to your face. I initially found it on Reddit.

New York Giants - Top 25 Postseason Moments (via SGN3332)

There were trade deadline rumors that the Lions were trying to get wide receiver Hakeem Nicks from the Giants. When asked about them this week Lions coach Jim Schwartz did not deny the speculation:

"There’s a lot of rumors that are out there all the time," Lions coach Jim Schwartz said when asked about the topic today. "I think we’ll stick with the not commenting on conversations that we have. We have conversations, and (general manager) Martin (Mayhew) probably has conversations with other GMs on almost a daily basis through training camp and up to the trading deadline. And guys are always talking about other things and things. But I don’t know that that makes news. Some deals get close and some deals don’t get close, some things get floated, but that’s just part of the business."

As talented as he is, it is difficult for the Giants to go forward counting on safety Will Hill to stay out of trouble Saturday, he provided the Giants another reason to be concerned.

Here are three key matchups today, from WFAN's Paul Dottino. offers 10 keys to a Giants' victory over the Lions.

The New York Post says the Giants' effort is the thing that matters most, and will be most heavily-scrutinized, today.