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Giants at Lions 2013: Preview, prediction

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Can the Giants go into Detroit Sunday and defeat the Lions?

Dave Reginek

I really want to pick the New York Giants to defeat the Detroit Lions Sunday at Ford Field in Detroit, MI. I really do. It's just that no one else in the world seems to think the playing-out-the-string Giants have a chance. I'm not sure they do either, and I'm just not sure I can make myself pick them to win the game.

Let's see how this goes.

Giants-Lions Hub Page

-- The Giants are 10-point underdogs.

-- Like I said, virtually no one gives them a chance. Look even closer at that link and the CBS picks listed as a tie are against the point spread. None of the CBS analysts actually pick the Giants to win the game.

-- The Giants are 5-9, out of the playoffs and in last week's 23-0 shutout loss to the Seattle Seahawks it was pretty apparent that some of the Giants are mailing it in.

-- The Lions are 7-7, truthfully aren't very good, and are playing head coach Jim Schwartz out of a job. They still, however, have a chance to make the playoffs, so theoretically Sunday's game should mean more to them that it does to the Giants.

-- The Lions have that Calvin Johnson guy. How are the Giants going to cover the monstrous, and monstrously talented, 'Megatron?' They have the comparatively puny Prince Amukamara, and the even punier Trumaine McBride and Jayron Hosley on the outside. In the slot they have Terrell Thomas, and there's no way Thomas and his thrice-surgically repaired knee can run with Johnson.

-- The Lions have Ndamukong Suh, Nick Fairley and Ezekiel Ansah on the defensive line. The Giants have, well, what exactly do they have on the offensive line? Whatever, and whoever, they have it doesn't seem like they have a realistic chance of controlling the line of scrimmage.

-- The Lions have the dangerous Jeremy Ross returning kickoffs and punts. The Giants have, well, again what do they have? Lousy coverage teams that are even further depleted by the mounting injuries they have suffered. As far as the Giants' returners? Well, they do put guys back there.

-- The Lions LIKE to turn the ball over, having done so the second-most times in the NFL this season. The Giants LOVE to turn it over, having done so the most in the league.

-- Giants' quarterback Eli Manning has thrown more interceptions than any quarterback in the league. Victor Cruz, the only receiver Manning has had any consistent success throwing the ball to this season, just went on IR. Hakeem Nicks appears to be in 'Just don't get hurt and screw up my free agency' mode. Who the heck is Manning going to throw the ball to?

Yep, look all across the board and it is pretty much impossible to find an advantage for the Giants anywhere. With all this evidence it would be pretty stupid to pick them to win, right? Agreed. I am, however going to do it, anyway. Somebody has to.

Prediction: Giants 27, Lions 20


I think you will like this better than anything I have written.