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New York Giants' news, 12/20: Manning -- 'I want to compete'

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New York Giants' headlines for Friday, 12/20.

Ron Antonelli

Despite the team's battered offensive line and the possibility of setting a new career high in interceptions New York Giants' quarterback Eli Manning has no hesitation about playing in the team's final two games.

"I want to compete," Manning said. "I want to make improvements and try to run this offense more efficiently and go out there and try to do the best I can and try to get a win."

Fewell: No blame for offense

After Sunday's 23-0 loss to the Seattle Seahawks there was frustration among the players, and some admitted to tension between the offense and defense. Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell is, however, having none of that.

"There have been plenty of times when we didn't play very good and our offense has bailed (us) out and I was loving on them and thanking them for that. It's a team game. We all work together. Some days we're going to have good days and some days we're going to have bad days," Fewell said. "If Seattle wouldn't have scored then it would have been a tie game and we'd be sitting here with a different result. We had some work that we left out there, too."

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Bad season from NY Giants doesn't erase decade of success   - NY Daily News

There was a parade up the Canyon of Heroes for the Giants and it took place only 22 months ago. And a few days before that, they were handed another Lombardi Trophy — the second in four years for Tom Coughlin, Eli Manning and Jerry Reese. Kevin Gilbride, the offensive coordinator, was there for both, too.

Victor Cruz situation illustrates Hakeem Nicks' biggest fear - ESPN New York

And there you have it. With word that New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz had to have knee surgery Thursday and is out for the final two games of the season, you have a perfect illustration of why fellow wide receiver Hakeem Nicks wouldn't, couldn't or shouldn't have taken any risks with his health this season.

Tom Coughlin's future with Giants and the 5 most likely offseason scenarios |

The Giants could go in a variety of directions next season, with or without coach Tom Coughlin.

Even if it snows on Super Bowl Sunday, Eli Manning says 'just go play it' - NY Daily News

"I think whatever the circumstances are and conditions, you go play the game," he said. "I don’t think anybody wants a snowy game. But if that happens, that’s what you deal with."

"Just go play it."

Column: NFL’s Super Bowl XLVIII Snow Contingency Unnecessary " CBS New York

The league might want to listen — to Manning, not Twain. The latter doesn’t talk much anymore, at least not since 1910 when he went to that great library in the sky. But Manning, he had a point. Regardless of the weather, the league should play Super Bowl XLVIII on the date it was scheduled.

The reasoning is simple. Nobody put the proverbial gun to the league owners’ heads to approve this game for MetLife Stadium, an open-air, cold-weather venue. The minute they approved the Jets’ and Giants’ proposal, they signed up for whatever meteorological event might happen on a February evening.

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Happy Holidays from the New York Giants!

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