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Giants' Coughlin talks about Triplette's mistake, more

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Giants' coach Tom Coughlin met the media Monday to discuss the Giants' victory over the Washington Redskins.

Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin before Sunday's game
Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin before Sunday's game
Rob Carr

New York Giants' coach Tom Coughlin was, of course, asked about the mistake made by referee Jeff Triplette near the end of the Giants' 24-17 victory over the Washington Redskins on Sunday night. Coughlin said the Giants "would have been upset had the clock been stopped" to correct the down marker and replace the chains.

"Let's face it, they don't have any timeouts. The clock is moving. It should have been straightened out in the first place, but it wasn't," Coughlin said. "There's a lot of things going on out there and the referee allowed that the game would continue to play and then made the correction and we would have been upset had the clock been stopped. Sure, we would have, not that it would have made a difference, but we would have been."

Coughlin also talked about a variety of other topics during his weekly day after a game press conference. Let's touch on some of them.

Coughlin's overall thoughts on Sunday's game ...

"We did some very good things and we had some people play very well, whereas the week before I didn't think we had a lot of people that played exceptionally well. Justin Tuck, certainly, with the four sacks; Jon Beason... we accredited him with 13 (tackles) and five assists, which was a huge night as well. We held the outstanding runner to 27 yards... Alfred Morris, who is a guy that once he gets it going and running downhill, it's very, very difficult to stop him. ... I thought we had a very high pass completion percentage on the offensive side of the ball, which was an outstanding thing for the evening. I'm disappointed in the interception. We'd like to eliminate those completely. But we had the two-minute drive, we had success on short-yardage, we did go one for one in the green zone and that was a good thing."

On whether Jason Pierre-Paul might be shut down for the season due to his shoulder injury ...

"I don't think so. I don't think it's in that position, but I'll repeat what I said earlier, I can't answer these questions any more than I've tried to. We really don't know what his status will be this week until we get a little bit, probably closer to Wednesday. He hasn't done anything in a week. He's been treated and he's rested and hopefully there's going to be some progress made and we'll see what that looks like when we start to practice."

On whether there is any new information on David Wilson, on IR with a neck injury ...

"I don't think there's been another since his last checkup, but we see David from time to time and he's doing the best he can with it."

On playing Tuck and Mathias Kiwanuka every snap vs. the Redskins ...

"We did have an available rotation. We just stayed with what was working and utilized...for example, Damontre had 17 plays. Now he played in pass situations with Kiwi and with Justin in the game, but we do have some flexibility."

On Moore, whose 17 snaps were the most he has played at any time this season ...

"It was good for him to be out there and he did a couple of good things and got an opportunity to play some in that regard, as well as special teams, so those are all positives."

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