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Game time! Let's play the New York Giants' numbers game!

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The over/under on Eli Manning interceptions has been set at 28. We set some over/unders of our own.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Let's play a little numbers game as the New York Giants bumble their way to their first losing season since 2004.

The folks at Bovada have placed over /under for Eli Manning interceptions this season at 28. Manning has already tied his career-worst with a league-high 25 through 14 games. With a beaten-up offensive line and a depleted receiving corps, you have to think more picks are coming over the final two games.

So, are you taking the over or under on 28 interceptions?

Let's go a little further with a few over/unders of our own.

-- The Giants have a league-high 39 giveaways for the season. Let's place the over/under at 45.

-- The Giants are -17 in takeaway/giveaway ratio, again worst in the NFL. Let's place the over/under at a nice, round number of 20.

-- The Giants have five wins. With two games left let's place the over/under at 6.

-- Discounting his rookie season Manning's passer rating is a career-low 69.7. Let's put the over/under at a passer rating of 70.

-- Justin Tuck, seeking his first double-digit sack season since he recorded 11.5 in 2010, has nine sacks. Let's put the over/under at 10.

-- Andre Brown leads the Giants with 441 yards rushing. Let's put the over/under for Brown's season total at 525 yards.

-- Hakeem Nicks has no touchdown receptions this season, something that has been written about at length. Let's put the over/under for Nicks' touchdown catches at one.

-- Adrien Robinson has been active for zero games thus far this season. We will put the over/under for games Robinson dresses for at one.

-- Rookie Damontre Moore has been playing more in recent games, but remains without a sack. Our over/under will be one.

Your task? Go through each of these and let us know in the comments where you take the 'over,' and where you are taking the 'under.'