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NFC East Notebook, Dec. 17: The Romo-coaster continues its December swoon

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News and notes from Dallas, Philadelphia and Washington

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Just one game separates Philadelphia and Dallas entering Week 16, but as expected, the final week of the season could decide who takes the division title. Philly faces the Chicago Bears in primetime Sunday night, but will have already locked up the division should Dallas falter against Washington earlier in the day.

In addition to lowly records, all four teams have plenty of uncertainty at the juncture in the season. Tony Romo and Jason Garrett are under scrutiny, again, in December. Chip Kelly is rumored to be a target for the Texas gig. And with the New York Giants and Redskins, nobody is sure of which coaches and players will return next year.

Here's the latest from around the NFC East:

Dallas Cowboys

The Romo-coaster continued its December swoon Sunday, when the Cowboys quarterback tossed not one but two interceptions that proved costly in their one-point loss to the Green Bay Packers.

But Blogging the Boys has to come to the defense of Tony Romo. Instead: blame the entire organization. The site makes a valid point in that Romo is often the hero or the goat, never anything in between.

How about a more fair question: where does Jason Garrett fit in all of this? Is it time to pull the curtain on the Garrett Era in Dallas?

In addition, the verdict is on Dez Bryant's early departure from the field Sunday.

Apparently, the Cowboys wideout didn't want the cameras to catch him crying, so he rushed to the locker room to avoid an embarrassing episode. Of course, admitting he cried after the game defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

Philadelphia Eagles

Should the Cowboys falter to the Redskins next Sunday afternoon, the Eagles could have the division wrapped up before the Eagles-Bears 8:30 p.m. ET kickoff. But that won't stop Chip Kelly from playing his starters.

The Eagles head coach said all of the regulars would get the start. The fact that the Cowboys could hand the Eagles the division is moot, as Kelly was unhappy with how his team fared against the Minnesota Vikings Sunday.

While Garrett, Shanahan and some Giants assistance coaches may be on the hot seat, Kelly may also be a threat to leave. According to reports, the Eagles coach is a target for the University of Texas gig, though Kelly shot down any rumors he would flea Philly for Austin.

Washington Redskins

Even though Kirk Cousins filled in admirably for Robert Griffin III, head coach (for now) Mike Shanahan proclaimed RGIII remains the Redskins' starting signal-caller.

According to Shanahan, Cousins' grand effort came in "one game," and that Griffin is the team's long-term solution at quarterback.

Speaking of Shanahan getting the axe, Hogs Haven has introduced a NCAA bracket-style tournament as to who will be on the sidelines next season. In this edition: Herm Edwards vs. Raheem Morris.

The chances Edwards leaves the comfort of the ESPN studios in Bristol for the madness that is the Redskins are slim. And why would Daniel Snyder move Morris, the team's secondary coach, into a head coaching position? The worst area of the defense is the defensive backfield.

Then again, I guess it makes sense ... for the Redskins, that is.