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'Five Things I Think I Think' about the New York Giants, Week 16 edition

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This week's 'Five Things I Think I Think' about the New York Giants.

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Already this week I have written that I believe it's time for the New York Giants to move past the Kevin Gilbride era and try a new approach on offense. I have also broken down the five interceptions thrown by Eli Manning Sunday, concluding that the throws were, simply, awful.

So, you already know some of what I think about the Giants at present. It is, however, time for 'Five Things I Think I Think' about the Giants, which means we just have to dig a little deeper. Here goes.

1. I think I agree with Carl Banks. At the same time, though, I also disagree. Banks on Monday made the case that "change for change sake doesn't work" in talking about whether or not the Giants should replace offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride. He also added that Manning "could be resistant to the move."

I agree with Banks on both of these. As I said, though, I also disagree. Changing the offensive coordinator would be a move done not just for the sake of making a move. If it is done it would be because the organization believes it is the best way to help Eli Manning return to playing championship-caliber football, something he isn't close to doing right now. Kevin Gilbride has gotten that from Manning before, and maybe he can again. The argument is that perhaps that relationship has peaked, and if the Giants believe it has they need to move on from it. As for the "resistant to the move" argument, I think Manning's poor play over the last two seasons makes his opinion irrelevant.

2. I think Brandon Mosley needs to start the last two games. His play on Sunday, when Pro Football Focus listed him as the Giants' highest-graded offensive player, does not make him a star or assure anyone he can help the Giants' woeful offensive line next season. It does, however, mean we need to see more.

3. I think we have seen enough of James Brewer. Mosley replaced Brewer in the second half against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. Whether Brewer really had an ankle injury, I don't know. What I do know is we have seen why the Giants kept trying to get mileage out of worn-down veterans Chris Snee and David Diehl rather than letting Brewer play. He does not appear to be part of the long-term solution.

4. I think Brandon Myers has punched his ticket out of town. Myers' Twitter-rant Sunday night is something that never should have happened. Regardless of whether or not Antrel Rolle or other Giants' players criticized Myers' effort, it just reinforced the idea that the tight end is not a good fit for the Giants. He is a poor inline blocker, and regardless of who the offensive coordinator is that will be a must for the Giants as long as Tom Coughlin is head coach. Myers hasn't made an impact in the passing game, either. It is time for the Giants to move on with the young players they have at the position.

5. I think I love Shaun O'Hara's film work. The former Giants' center does weekly analysis for, and I'm enjoying his work. Each time I watch his breakdowns of plays from Giants' games I learn more about the nuances of how things are supposed to work, and why they did or did not. Watch to the end of O'Hara's review this week and he has some interesting things to say about Eli Manning, a friend and former teammate.

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