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Giants' Tom Coughlin voices support for Kevin Gilbride

Giants' coach Tom Coughlin was asked about Kevin Gilbride, Eli Manning and his struggling offense numerous times Monday. He voiced confidence in Gilbride and the system he runs.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants' coach Tom Coughlin made it plain on Monday that offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride still has his support despite the struggles of the offense this season. Sunday's shutout was the second for the Giants this season and third in 17 games. There were also, of course, those five Eli Manning interceptions.

Asked if he still had faith in the offensive coaches, Coughlin said "yes, oh yeah."

Coughlin said "that's exactly right" when asked if Gilbride's offense should work if the proper pieces were in place.

Do not take that to mean Coughlin believes everything is fine and dandy with the offense.

"I certainly see what everyone sees and in greater detail than perhaps you do," Coughlin said. "It certainly hasn't been a connect-all-the-dots from day one type of year. Kevin's a pro, he's been around, he's done this a long time. We try to find ways to take advantage of things. It hasn't been easy."

Coughlin recognizes that Manning is not playing well enough, but his comments again reinforced the idea that it isn't just Manning, or Gilbride, at fault for the mess the Giants' offense has become. He said he believes Manning can eventually return to playing championship-caliber football.

"I think it’s probably going to come in small gains, but I believe it will come. I really do," Coughlin said. "Don’t forget, he doesn’t operate on his own. The whole package has got to be there."

We know, certainly, that it hasn't been. Most likely everyone can agree on that.

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