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New York Giants' news, 12/14: TC not sure about Pierre-Paul surgery

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New York Giants' headlines, Saturday 12/14.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

New York Giants' coach Tom Coughlin said Friday that, to his knowledge, shoulder surgery remains an offseason possibility for defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul.

"I'm not a doctor and I only know at this point and time, if they can avoid it, they will and if they can't, there will be a surgery," Coughlin said.

Pierre-Paul will miss his third straight game Sunday and told reporters on Thursday he would not need surgery.

Coughlin said this if surgery is needed ""it would be done right away. It would have to be done right away."

Antrel Rolle: No contract talk

Antrel Rolle is due to make $9.25 million from the Giants next season. Could he be a salary cap casualty? The Giants could save $7 million by cutting him. Rolle isn't talking about that.

"We still have three games left to go. I'm not speaking anything about a contract right now," Rolle said.

The safety said he has been happy with his individual play.

"I've definitely been pleased with my overall success but it's about team. It's about team success, it's about how we go out there and establish ourselves as a unit," Rolle said. "Personal accolades have never really been high on my priority list, it's all about wins and losses for me."

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"That’s what I was thinking about in the meeting – trying to get a big return," he said. "What do they have, 15 yards total throughout the whole year? Having a big return against those guys would be something special."

It certainly would. The longest punt return Seattle’s allowed this season is 10 yards -- and that happened in Week 1. Randle’s longest return is 32 yards, but he’s still looking for the first punt return touchdown of his career.

The NFL record for fewest punt return yards yielded in a season is 22, but that was set by the Green Bay Packers in 1967 during a 14-game season. The record for a 16-game season is 49 by the Atlanta Falcons in 2008.

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