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New York Giants' news, 12/13: Gilbride thinks he will stay

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New York Giants' headlines for Friday, 12/13.

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Fire Killdrive! That has been the rallying cry of venomous New York Giants' fans unhappy with offensive coordinator Keven Gilbride for several years, and it has grown louder this season with the Giants playing poorly on offense. Gilbride said Thursday, however, that he isn't worried about his job.

Gilbride told The Post on Thursday he believes the decision-makers will not point the finger at him and that the dramatic decline in production will not cost him his job.

"Certainly, because you’re been around you know the realities of the business, but do you give it any credence or thought? No," Gilbride said. "Because you know and you think the people that are making judgments will recognize and are cognizant of the reasons why things aren’t as well as they should be."

By the way, the Post also reported that it seems quarterback Eli Manning still supports his long-time coordinator:

"New isn't always the answer," Manning told The Post. "I think we're well-coached and we have a good scheme. It's just a matter of, we got to execute a little bit better."

Does Manning ever wonder if new ideas can help?

"We put in new ideas. It's not as if we run the exact same plays we've been running for the last 10 years," Manning said. "Each year we have new plays going in and new ideas and new concepts. Some are still the same we've had success with and are kind of your core plays. I think coaches do a good job each year of having some new things for us."

Valentine's View: 'Raptor' will have a look a bit later at some of what has gone wrong with Gilbride's offense this season. Down the road a bit we will go more in-depth on all of the issues on offense, including where Gilbride can be better. There is, certainly, an argument to be made for a new offensive coordinator. If, however, Manning and head coach Tom Coughlin still believe in Gilbride then he could return next season -- whether fans like it or not.

Around the Internet

Archie Manning says this NY Giants team was never Super good  - NY Daily News

Archie Manning knew all along this would not be a Super season for his youngest son.

The patriarch of the first family of NFL quarterbacks had a feeling that the Giants' expectations were set too high, especially with the injuries they began suffering in the months before the season opened. And on SNY's Daily News Live on Wednesday he said what now seems obvious:

The Giants are not a good football team. And this year, they probably never really were.

"I don't think anybody around the league is saying 'The Giants are a real good team right now, they're just not playing good,'" Manning said. "They probably aren't a really good team right now."

Valentine's View: I have come around to that point of view. I thought the Giants would go 11-5 or 10-6, but in retrospect vastly over-estimated the talent level. I believe GM Jerry Reese probably did as well.

Terrell Thomas: Giants need to take down Seahawks | New York Post

Count Terrell Thomas as another Giants player who sees the Seahawks as a bona fide Super Bowl favorite and figures knocking them off would go a long way in telling Big Blue how good they might have been.

"This is a great gauge for us,’’ Thomas said Thursday after practice. "Coach [Tom] Coughlin did a great job of motivating us this week and that’s our mind-set going in, that our season might be over, but we’re going to go out there and fight and give them everything we have and if we do beat them it’s a great gauge for what could have been.’’

Giants WRs on Seattle secondary: 'They seem to not care about how the rules have changed' |

"They seem to just not care about how the rules have changed," Murphy said of the Seahawks. "They still play old school football, so that’s how you gotta combat that. Play old school football with them – grab and push back.

"Last night I was watching film on them, just catching up on the DBs. They are the most penalized secondary in the NFL so they do get a lot of calls, but there are a lot of no-calls they get, too."

Giants rookie a good fit on the offensive line

Pugh is the only Giants offensive lineman with a positive grade this season, according to the analytic web site

"Now things seem to have fallen into place where he has a sense or feel for what is going on around him," Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride said. "He’s reacting to the stunts, the line games that caused all kinds of anguish early on. He’s handling the one-on-one situations much more effectively. … All of a sudden you’re seeing the ability level because the game is slowed down a little bit for him. You can see the good feet that he has, the temperament that he has, which is outstanding, and the professionalism."

NY Giants won’t trash mighty Seahawks - NY Daily News

After guaranteeing wins against the Chiefs and Cowboys, Big Blue is staying quiet before Seattle matchup.