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At or away from Seattle, Russell Wilson's Seahawks 'always ready to play'

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The Seattle quarterback discusses the Giants D and winning on the road.


The New York Giants were eliminated from playoff contention last week in San Diego, but the Seattle Seahawks are still on an agenda.

Seattle is on track to nag the top seed in the NFC, but will have to avoid any slip-ups in the final three games to stave off the New Orleans Saints. The stretch run begins with the Giants at MetLife Stadium, and for quarterback Russell Wilson and Co. it's merely a coincidence they'll playing in the venue that'll host the Super Bowl in just two months.

"We just try to focus on the opportunity that we have in front of us," Wilson said during a conference call Wednesday. "Our goal is to go 1-0 every single week. That's been our mentality all year. Obviously, (the Super Bowl is) our ultimate goal. ... I've never played in MetLife Stadium, but it's exciting to potentially play there one day, and so for us it's a big opportunity, it's a big game for us this week. We have to play our best football."

For all of the attention the Seahawks get for their home-field advantage, the team has struggled at times on the road. Both of the team's losses -- to the Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers -- occurred away from CenturyLink Field.

Wilson acknowledged that fact, but said the losses were also a product of playing good football teams. Seattle is 5-2 on the road, and Wilson believes his team is always ready to play.

"Obviously playing in Seattle is a very, very special place; it's one-of-a-kind and our fans are so energetic," he said. "Like I always tell our team, 100 yards is 100 yards. It's 53 and a third. It doesn't matter where we play or when we play; we'll always be ready to go. ... I don't think the road is a factor for us by any means, especially this year."

One obvious factor in the Seahawks' road success is their very transportable running game, spearheaded by Marshawn Lynch. The team ranks third in the league averaging more than 141 yards on the ground per game.

The Giants, however, have been stellar all year against the run, holding opponents to about 105 yards per game. Four of the past five opponents, however, have topped the century mark against Big Blue, so how the front seven fares against Lynch will be a major factor.

"The Giants defense has tons of great players on that side of the ball and they've been making a lot of players all year," Wilson said. "Jon Beason is doing a terrific job for them and the same with (Keith) Rivers. ... We've got to establish the run and we've got to physical, and they're a very, very physical team.

"Marshawn, beast mode. He's so physical. He has this knack to get into the end zone. He has great hands. He does a great job in protection. He's our workhorse and we love him to death. ... He's had an unbelievable year, like always. He's impressive and so we've got to get him the football and (let) him do his thing."

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