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Giants' Alpha Male? Antrel Rolle

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Antrel Rolle is the biggest, boldest personality in the Giants' locker room.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Who is the Alpha Male among the New York Giants? The biggest, boldest, brashest personality on the team's 53-man roster. That is what we are being asked to identify in this sponsored post.

The answer? It's an easy one for me. That has to be safety Antrel Rolle.

When something needs to be said Rolle is the Giants who always says it. Even if it doesn't need to be said and it's just something Rolle believes, he's unafraid to say it. You always know what he thinks, good or bad.

Rolle may not be the Giants' best player, though you can argue that he is among the Giants' having the best 2013 seasons. Rolle is, however, the Giants' heart.

You want the pulse of the team? You get it from Rolle. You want to know exactly what his emotions are at any given time? He will tell you.

There are other captains on the Giants. There are other strong voices. There are better players. What there isn't is another voice from the locker room, other than Tom Coughlin's, that stands above Rolle's.