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Testy Tom: Giants' Coughlin short-tempered in Wednesday press conference

Unhappy Coughlin meets with media for weekly Wednesday press conference.

Stay away from this man today
Stay away from this man today
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

Just call him Testy Tom. New York Giants' coach Tom Coughlin was anything but jovial Wednesday when he met with reporters Wednesday to discuss Sunday's game with the Seattle Seahawks.

With the Giants already eliminated from the playoffs for the fourth time in five seasons, Coughlin's ill-tempered frame of mind should probably have been anticipated.

Here are some samples:

Asked if he would use the remaining three games to "take a look at certain younger players," Coughlin cut off the question:

"We're going to try to play as best we can and win with our roster, the roster that we have. If the opportunity is there then so be it, but that's not going to be the number one thought on our minds. Our roster is our roster, we've been playing a lot of people.

"Who are the younger players? If you have somebody you're specifically referring to I'm glad to answer that. Our number one objective is we have a three-game schedule, we want to play as best as we possibly can ... People have established themselves in their positions, rightfully so, fairly so. ... People who are playing have earned the right to play."

So, Tom, about Adrien Robinson:

"He was hurt for a long time. He's practiced for a few weeks now. He did a nice job of being a scout squad tight end for [Antonio] Gates a week ago. He's improved from what I can tell on special teams. If he can continue to improve perhaps that opportunity will come.'

Coughlin was next asked about Brandon Mosley, the question prefaced with "not to go down the roster."

"You say that every time you ask me a question, and I know you're going down the roster," Coughlin said.

So, about Mosley:

"He's been the XO tight end, did a nice job with that the other day. Hopefully you noticed that. Again, if the opportunity presents itself so be it.

"Who would you like me to take out? Brewer's also getting playing time if you haven't noticed. He hasn't had a whole lot of playing time, and he's getting time and he is responding. I'd like to see Brewer continue to get better, too."

On placing Brandon Jacobs on IR:

"I believe he was for the most part incapacitated and need to have this done."

On Jason Pierre-Paul:

"What are the medical people telling me? How does he feel? Where's his confidence level? How much strength is there there? Can he defend himself? Can he do the things he has to do in order to play? Once those questions get answered maybe I can help you a little bit better."

On playing 'smart' against Seattle:

"You have to be physically prepared to go against a very good and physical team, a team that's a little bit unusual. They don't turn the ball over, they do things the right way. They lead the league or are second in the league in takeaways. Therefore you can't make a mistake, as we've learned the hard way over and over and over."

Asked how he handles the turnovers and mistakes, Coughlin got agitated again:

"Last week we had penalties. We jumped around offside. We didn't do a good job of that. Our concentration was poor, our defensive line committed three of those, we were offside on special teams. You know the deal. How do I handle it? Just like I'm handling it with you. Talk about it, tell 'em how important it is, it does not relate well to a good football team. It has no place at this level. You watch the football, you're not careless. Focus more on your individual time because that's when all these drills are taking place."

On the possibility of Ryan Nassib getting playing time:

Let's just say that first Coughlin hesitated for several second, gripped the podium tightly, then answered.

"Not at this point in time. He's done very well as a scout team player ... very sharp kid, works his tail off, know what his spot is. He's in that room with those guys, he's like sponge. That's what the intent was."

On whether the Super Bowl countdown clock would come down:

"I didn't put it up, so I'm not taking it down." Coughlin added "I don't know. You tell me" when asked if the clock was still in the Giants' locker room.