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Giants at Redskins: Gameday links

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New York Giants' headlines for Sunday, 12/1.

Trent Williams
Trent Williams

Good morning, New York Giants' fans! You will be waiting all day for Sunday night to watch the Giants face the Washington Redskins in what amounts to the 'Also-Ran Bowl' on Sunday Night Football. Mathematically these two teams may not be out of the playoffs yet. Realistically? That's another story.

While you wait, there is plenty of reading material to keep you occupied. Also, of course, there will be other games to watch this afternoon. Here are some links from Big Blue View and elsewhere to get you ready for tonight.

Can the Giants handle the power running game of Washington's Alfred Morris? We broke down the two teams in our weekly scouting report. Sam also offered his thoughts on what to watch Sunday.

In our poll asking which Redskins' player you would like to see on the Giants 42 percent of 373 voters (157 votes) went to offensive tackle Trent Williams. Twenty-six percent (96 votes) went to Morris.

What's up with Robert Griffin III? We put the spotlight on the Redskins' quarterback this week.

Giants' offensive lineman James Brewer has an opportunity over the next five games to show whether or not he is a starting-caliber player.

Brewer isn't the only Giant with a lot riding on the rest of the season.

Around the Inter-Google

The New York Times says the Giants' decline began last season vs. the Redskins, almost a year to the day.

Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News offers an early look at what the Giants might look like next season.

Steve Serby has an off-beat and very entertaining Q&A with running back Andre Brown.

The Star-Ledger chats with Giants' fullback John Conner.

Washington safety Brandon Meriweather took a shot at Giants' wide receiver Victor Cruz this week:

"Last week he said he was being held," Meriweather told "This week, it may be that we hit him too hard. You never know what it's going to be. It's always something different."

The Star-Ledger gets some insight into how Kevin Gilbride goes about his job as offensive coordinator.

Vacchiano wonders if the Giants have anything left after losing to Dallas.

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