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Coughlin says he will address Miami situation with players

Coughlin speaks about locker room issues during Wednesday press conference.

Ezra Shaw

New York Giants' coach Tom Coughlin said Wednesday that he will address the Miami Dolphins bullying/hazing situation with at least Giants' team captains and possibly the whole team. Coughlin made reference to comments getting out, seemingly talking about what Antrel Rolle said about the situation on Tuesday.

"The teamwork concept is the first thing in the door for us. We need everybody and want everybody to be the very, very best football player that they can possibly be," Coughlin said. "The player has to be comfortable in his environment. He's not going to grow if he isn't."

Coughlin said "vigilance" is needed to create that environment and quoted former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield, saying "You manage by setting boundaries with freedom in the middle."

The veteran coach is, of course, famous for standing on his principles. When it comes to the team he said those are freedom, commitment trust and teamwork, adding "you cannot violate those principles."

Coughlin referred to the Prince Amukamara cold tub incident with the Giants, which he addressed with the players at the time. He said he was disappointed because Amukamara could have been hurt, and because "there were some that thought it was funny. It obviously wasn't."