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New York Giants' news, 11/4: Sunday no help to Giants

New York Giants' headlines for Monday, 11/4.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants did not get any help Sunday in their quest to get back into the race in the NFC East. The Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles were all victorious, increasing the height of the mountain the Giants have to climb. SB Nation has all of your NFL scores and highlights from Sunday.

Here are your up-to-date NFC East standings:

Cowboys 5-4
Eagles 4-5
Redskins 3-5
Giants 2-6

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What in the world can you make of Nick Foles throwing seven touchdown passes Sunday for the Eagles as they beat the Oakland RaidersBleeding Green Nation reviewed the action. The Giants play the Raiders Sunday at MetLife Stadium, and Giants' fans have to hope Foles' effort says more about the Raiders' defense than about the Eagles' offense.

The Star-Ledger is already wondering if Eli Manning can exploit the Oakland secondary the way Foles did. Manning has not been intercepted in two games, and here is a breakdown of the shorter passing game that is helping the offense be more efficient.

Scary stuff Sunday night when Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak collapsed at halftime of his team's game vs. the Indianapolis Colts.

The Miami Dolphins have suspended Richie Incognito for his role in the Jonathan Martin incident.

Out of necessity the Giants have found depth and flexibility in their secondary.

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