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New York Giants' news, 11/29: Players want Coughlin to return

New York Giants' headlines for Friday, 11/29.

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Thanksgiving has come and gone, and if you aren't out fighting the Black Friday shopping crowds we know you want your fill of New York Giants' news. So, here is a look at some of the stories about the Giants found around the Inter-Google this morning.

Giants want Coughlin to lead them in 2014 | New York Post

Tom Coughlin will be 68 next season and there is always speculation about whether or not the league's oldest coach will keep coming back. The players want that answer to be yes.

"He is the New York Giants,’’ cornerback Terrell Thomas said. "He epitomizes this organization as a selfless person who takes it all on his shoulders. When we lose, he takes all the blame, and when we win he gives us all the credit. When you see that over years, when you see that leadership, you take it upon yourself to start living that way and start acting that way as a team. That’s why we didn’t turn on each other when we were 0-6.’’

Asked if he can imagine the Giants without Coughlin, Thomas said, "Not at all. I think this team would be in turmoil without him here. One of the main things he did this season was turn this team around. He turned a bunch of individual players into a team. It’s his character.’’

Rookie lineman Pugh a reliable, bright spot for Giants | New York Post

Pugh has allowed just one quarterback pressure in each of the last four games. "I know I’ve been playing better. I’ve been getting better,’’ he said. "But I still got a ways to go with my technique, knowing my assignments, run blocking I got to keep getting better at that and just keep learning, that’s the most important thing.’’

Moore, Rookie Giants Pass Rusher, Finds It Hard to Break Through -
Damontre Moore, the Giants' third pick in this year's draft, seems to match a glaring need: the team's sack totals are in decline. But Moore is still waiting for a chance to make a difference.

How the Play-Calling Is Hindering New York Giants Offense | Bleacher Report

The 'Fire Kevin Gilbride' crowd will love the post good friend Pat Traina penned for Bleacher Report criticizing the job the offensive coordinator did Sunday vs. the Dallas Cowboys. Traina also pointed out what she sees as Gilbride's primary flaws:

Gilbride’s biggest faults, from the outside looking in, are three-fold. One, he tends to be stubborn regarding plays that might have worked well with different personnel throughout the years but which might not necessarily be a fit for the current players he has.

Two, sometimes he tries to outsmart the other team, only to end up outsmarting himself.

And three, there is a reluctance to use personnel in new ways unless forced to do so because of injury.

New York Giants vs. Washington Redskins: Which NFC East Team Is Better Positioned? -
Here are the key factors that will determine whether the Giants or Redskins can bounce back next season.

Opponent Scouting Report: Washington Redskins |

It has been a tough season for quarterback Robert Griffin III, who underwent surgery for a torn ACL in the offseason, and is still not running like he did last year (ask Ahmad Brooks). RG3's also been taking a vicious beating in recent weeks as Washington's offensive line has become a liability with its pass protection. Twelve of the 26 sacks they've allowed this season have come in the past three weeks.

Long shot Steve Goodin getting chance with Giants : page all -

Offensive lineman Steve Goodin put off medical school to chase his NFL dream. Now that he has been added to the Giants' 53-man roster the dream has come true.

"It’s once in a lifetime," said Goodin, who could suit up for his first NFL game Sunday night in Washington. "Not many people get that opportunity. I could always put off medical school, and if I had to, reapply. You only get one shot with football."