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New York Giants' news, 11/27: Turnovers tell the Giants' story

New York Giants' headlines for Wednesday, 11/27.

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Coughlin preaches ball security and constantly reminds players, the media, pretty much anyone who will listen, that winning the turnover battle is the most important factor in winning football games. We know that the 2013 New York Giants have not exactly heeded the coach's warning.

The Giants are -11 in takeaway/giveaway ratio, 30th in the league. They have 30 turnovers, by far the most in the league. The New York Jets are second with 24.

Add to that, the fact that the Giants have surrendered nine "miscellaneous" touchdowns -- scores on kick returns, fumbles and interceptions -- also the most in the NFL, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. That, also per Elias, is the most "miscellaneous" touchdowns ever allowed by a Giants team.

Why are the Giants 4-7 and headed for their fourth playoff-less season in five years? More than anything else, that's your answer right there.

By the way, four teams (Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, Carolina PanthersSan Francisco 49ers) have not allowed a "miscellaneous" touchdown this season. Their combined record is 30-14.

All Hakeem Nicks All The Time

Let the record show that Big Blue View was out frontin the inevitable parade of 'Hakeem Nicks is a goner' predictions. The Bergen Record hopped on that bandwagon. In reference to Nicks returning to the Giants next season The Record writes "prospects of that happening seem far less likely today than just a week ago."

The New York Daily News says the Nicks "sideshow" is really the biggest story for the giants the rest of the way: Ebenezer Samuel writes:

Hakeem Nicks worked hard not to become a sideshow, avoiding all contract conversation in the offseason and paying little attention to trade speculation at the deadline. But here we are a day before Thanksgiving, and the Hakeem Nicks sideshow is all that remains.

Around the Inter-Google

The New York Post points out that Nicks isn't the only Giant whose future could be determined over the next five games.

Conor Orr of the Star-Ledger takes an in-depth look at the Giants' offense Sunday vs. Dallas. Was it too predictable? Orr's piece gives you an idea.

Antrel Rolle says "you play with pride" no matter what your record. Ernie Palladino of WFAN says that won't be enough for the Giants.

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