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Giants vs. Cowboys open thread

The Giants face the Dallas Cowboys today.

Fans warm up with a pre-game fire
Fans warm up with a pre-game fire
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

All the talking has been done -- and maybe you can say the New York Giants talked too much this week. It's time for football, time to see if the Giants will have meaningful games to play the rest of the season. If that is going to happen the 4-6 Giants need a victory Sunday afternoon at MetLife Stadium ovr the arch-rival Dallas Cowboys (5-5).

Thanks to the mediocrity of the NFC Least and the kindness of the NFL schedule-maker to give the Giants four straight opponents using sub-standard NFL quarterbacks the Giants are back in the discussion after their 0-6 start.

By late Sunday evening we will know if the Giants have gone from in the discussion to legitimately in the race, or if they will likely spend the final weeks of the season playing meaningless games. A win puts the Giants at 5-6, one game behind the division-leading Philadelphia Eagles. A loss and they would be 4-7, two games back with five to play and also at a distinct tie-breaker disadvantage with both the Cowboys and Eagles. A Dallas win today would tie the Cowboys with the Eagles and would give Dallas 4-0 record in the NFC East.

Wide receiver Hakeem Nicks is among the inactives for the Giants today due to what has alternately been described as either an abdominal or groin injury.

Use this as your open thread. As emotional as I know today will be, please try to stay within the Community Guidelines.