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New York Giants' news, 11/22: Nicks explains absence from practice

New York Giants' headlines for Friday, 11/22.

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New York Giants' wide receiver Hakeem Nicks said Thursday that he missed practice on Wednesday at the behest of his agent, who insisted he get a troublesome abdominal issue checked out.

"It has just been something all year really, on and off. I was advised by my agent just to get it checked up a bit so that’s all we did. We just wanted to get it checked up and make sure everything was good. I got good feedback and everything was fine," Nicks said. "I don’t think it’s going to be anything like that that bothers me. Like I said, I’ve been playing with it all season."

Quinn: Weatherford must 'deal with' wind

Wind and cold temperatures could be a factor Sunday at MetLife Stadium, with the temperature expected to hover around 30 degrees and winds of more than 20 miles per hour anticipated. Giants' punter Steve Weatherford had a difficult time in blustery conditions two weeks ago vs. the Oakland Raiders, and special teams coordinator Tom Quinn is hoping for better results this time.

"I hope he learned his lesson. I think he has. He’ll be ready. He’s just got to deal with it," said Quinn, who felt Weatherford over-thought the wind and took too much time kicking the ball. "He’s just got to catch and kick it. The wind is going to be the wind and the truer ball you hit, the better ball."

Amukamara to shadow Dez Bryant?

The Giants aren't saying whether or not Prince Amukamara will cover Dallas wide receiver Dez Bryant exclusively on Sunday.

"Each time we play them, we approach it differently," defensive coordinator Perry Fewell said. "Sometimes we’ll match up, sometimes we won’t. It just kind of depends as we go through the week and how well the guys practice and how they are preparing, who looks good. We’ll do a little bit of both."

Amukamara wasn't giving any hints, either.

"Trumaine [McBride] and I have been on both sides," Amukamra said. "Coach has just been allowing us to stay on our guys and I think that shows that they have great confidence in me and Trumaine, so I'm definitely okay with that."

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