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Fantasy Football: New York Giants Week 12 Start/Sit

The Giants ride a four-game winning streak into their second matchup with the Dallas Cowboys. I will let you know which Giants to start and who to sit in this all important NFC East clash.


The Giants happen to be a very interesting team this week in fantasy football. They have one of the best match ups possible for fantasy purposes on the last week of byes around the league. The Cowboys have given up fantasy points to everyone. They are lucky their defense scored so many points early on for them with interceptions and fumble returns. The takeaways have been few and far between since DeMarcus Ware got injured. The absence of Sean Lee makes them even more vulnerable.

The Cowboys have given up the most points per game to both quarterbacks and runningbacks so far this season. They have been almost as bad against tight ends and wide receivers, 3rd and 10th most respectively, but they do possess one player the Giants can't seem to handle on defense. Jason Hatcher is the most important defensive player that the Giants need to worry about in both the passing game and running game. If he can disrupt the timing of the run plays and pressure Eli Manning up the middle on passing downs then it could put a damper on the fireworks I expect.

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Eli Manning-273.28 Passing Yards 1.29 TDs 1.94 Ints (numberFire projection)

Eli Manning is so tough to figure out this year in fantasy football. He can throw absolute beauties like the one he fit in to Victor Cruz along the right sideline behind the corner and in front of the safety, and then he can completely lose his mechanics on a short throw into the flat. Even with the offensive line playing better he doesn't look comfortable. He is ready to chuck and duck far too often. I want to say he's a borderline QB1 this week against the Cowboys, but that's the homer in me. I expect a QB2 type of game from Eli with some hiccups along the way.

Andre Brown-13.09 carries for 60.83 yards and .50 TDs, 3 receptions for 24.54 yards and .07 TDs (numberFire)

I absolutely love Andre Brown this week. I have him as one of my top plays of the week and expect a huge game. The Cowboys are decimated on defense and Brown has been amazing since coming back from his second broken leg in as many years. While his fantasy numbers weren't as gaudy against the Packers as they were his fist week back against the Raiders, it was more of the fact that the Giants put themselves in some tough situations during the game. Penalties and sacks can wipe away a lot of the production from a running back. This week will be different and Brown will shine.

Victor Cruz-5.69 receptions for 83.44 yards and .29 TDs (numberFire)

Well Cruz finally got back on track last week with 8 receptions for over 100 yards, but he still missed out on doing a salsa dance in the end zone. I think he will have another big game against the Cowboys. He may even get to put on his dancing shoes. He will be a middle of the pack WR1 this week and should help you win your big week 12 matchups.

Hakeem Nicks-4.14 receptions for 51.52 yards and .20 TDs (numberFire)

The Dallas Cowboys actually built the back end of their defense to stop Hakeem Nicks. Brandon Carr was brought in specifically to shadow Nicks and keep him from killing the Cowboys. Well, that looks like a lot of money wasted as Nicks isn't nearly the threat he once was. I'm sure he is just as frustrated as every Giants fan and fantasy owner, but it's time realize that Nicks won't be a factor, at least in fantasy, for a while. I wouldn't start Nicks even in a decent match up at this point.

Rueben Randle-1.93 receptions for 30.44 yards .23 TDs (numberFire)

I have Randle as a low end WR2 this week. I project him for a much bigger game than numberFire has him slated for. I think Randle will benefit this week from the Cowboys having to move at least one safety into the box to stop Andre Brown. They will more than likely shade the deep safety over the top of Victor Cruz giving Randle a lot of chances in one on one coverage. I will have him in my lineups where I have a lot of Eagles and Bengals on a bye.

Brandon Myers-2.94 receptions for 24.82 yards and .19 TDs (numbrFire)

Brandon Myers fantasy production has gone down hill since week 1 against these very same Cowboys. He had a season high 7 receptions and his lone touchdown in that opening game. There are a multitude of reasons why Myers isn't involved as much in the passing game lately, but maybe the Giants should put on the tape from week 1 and realize he needs to be involved this week. I wouldn't play him this week in fantasy football, but I could see him finally getting back involved.

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