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Coughlin won't discuss sideline issue with Hakeem Nicks

Coach says he understands if wide receiver is frustrated by not having a touchdown yet this season.


New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin said Monday that whatever happened on the sideline Sunday between Hakeem Nicks and other players when Nicks took himself out of the game vs. the Green Bay Packers was "not something I'm going to discuss."

Nicks, apparently frustrated, took himself out of the game. Louis Murphy, subbing for Nicks, ran a poor route that led to an Eli Manning interception.

"What I did see was the play that resulted in an interception that everybody saw and the play before that, but those things will stay inside and we’ll make the corrections and we’ll do a better job of trying to get everybody on the same page and we’ll move forward," Coughlin said.

Coughlin did say that if Nicks is feeling frustration it would be understandable.

"I haven't talked with him today, but I'm sure that there is (frustration) and we all share in that and just continue to try to support and encourage him to be the best that he can be and it will happen," Coughlin said. "There have been opportunities, but we've just got to continue to try to get better, work together and it will happen."

Nicks is second on the Giants with 42 catches, but has no touchdowns. Rueben Randle has six touchdowns and Victor Cruz four. Nicks, of course, is in the final year of his contract and will be seeking a lucrative deal in the offseason.

Nicks, questioned about the sidelines chats with players and coaches, denied that there was anything wrong.

"That was just football. That ain’t nothing serious to even talk about," he said. "It wasn’t serious. We were just talking about football."

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