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Big Blue View staff additions

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to the two newest members of the Big Blue View front page writing staff. Community members will recognize two of your own who have been added as front-page contributors, 'Invictus XI' and 'Raptor22.' I am happy that both long-time community members have agreed to lend their opinion and analysis to the front-page mix here at Big Blue View.

For the time being, each will be offering us one front-page post per week. 'Invictus' will be lending some insight and analysis by taking over the weekly dissection of the Pro Football Focus scores -- and my hope, and expectation, is he will do a more in-depth job with them than yours truly has been able to do. 'Raptor,' who did some excellent film breakdowns prior to the 2013 NFL Draft, will be doing a weekly film breakdown for us on a topic he and I choose. It's a role I hope will be similar to what 'Uptown Murf' did prior to leaving us for an opportunity at Bleacher Report.

Welcome aboard, guys!