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Quinn: Fumble on opening kickoff 'mind-boggling'

Tom Quinn talks about the Giants' special teams, which struggled again on Sunday vs. Oakland.

Maybe the Giants should do this all the time on kickoffs
Maybe the Giants should do this all the time on kickoffs
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

What did New York Giants' special teams coordinator Tom Quinn think when Jerrel Jernigan coughed up the opening kickoff last week against the Oakland Raiders, handing them the ball at the New York 5-yard line?

"I’m wondering if my name is Murphy. It’s mind boggling," Quinn said on Thursday. "The number one job of special teams is ball security. When they kick it off to us or punt it to us, we’ve got to give it to our offense and to have that happen it’s been a long time since I’ve seen that happen. That’s crazy."

Quinn would not reveal whether or not Jernigan would remain as the kickoff returner Sunday vs. the Oakland Raiders, saying only "we'll see." The Giants' other options are rookie Michael Cox, who returned two kickoffs earlier this season, and Rueben Randle, who has never returned kickoffs at the college or professional levels.

Asked about the rough day punter Steve Weatherford had Sunday, Quinn said he thought the veteran punter "overthought" how to handle the in the windy condition at MetLife Stadium.

"I think he overthought it and tried to make too many adjustments instead of just doing what we do in practice because we had wind last week and he had a good week of practice," Quinn said. "He was frustrated with it and we are because he's got to perform."

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