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Coughlin: Big plays 'noticeably missing' from offense

New York Giants' coach Tom Coughlin met the press Wednesday to discuss preparations to face the Green Bay Packers.

Big plays have been missing from the Giants' passing attack
Big plays have been missing from the Giants' passing attack
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

In our discussion about Eli Manning and the recently more conservative New York Giants' passing attack we noted that the Giants have not been throwing the ball downfield as much in recent weeks. Coach Tom Coughlin spoke about that Wednesday when he met with reporters to discuss Sunday's upcoming game against the Green Bay Packers.

'We’ve always been a throw-the-ball-down-the-field team.' - Tom Coughlin

"If you study, you’re going to find a lot of big plays come off of play action. We’ve done that as well. This year, it hasn’t happened to the degree we would like it to and it is something that is noticeably missing and we’d certainly like to improve on that," Coughlin said. "I like winning, whatever we have to do to win. We’ve always been a throw-the-ball-down-the-field team. We’ve gotten in terms of numbers a little bit away from that, although we had our spots picked pretty well the other day and it didn’t work out. We’ll continue to do that."

As we have also previously discussed, the Packers will be using third-string quarterback Scott Tolzien, who saw his first regular-season action Sunday. Coughlin said there is "nothing unusual" in the way to prepare for a quarterback the Giants haven't seen before.

"You prepare just as you always do," Coughlin said. "Gather all the information you can, implement all of that information, and decide how you're going to play that particular individual based on his strengths."

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