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Archie Manning: Eli 'living under a black cloud'

Archie Manning talks about the rough season Eli Manning is experiencing.

Al Bello

Is Eli Manning healthy? If so, what the heck is wrong with the struggling New York Giants' quarterback. Manning's father, former NFL QB Archie Manning, said Tuesday on WFAN that there is nothing wrong with Eli.

"Eli's fine, he's just trying to keep sawing wood," Archie said on WFAN this morning. "Some years you kind of feel like you're living under a black cloud, but you have to keep working, keep fighting. But things happen. That's football, that's quarterbacking. You just gotta hang tough."

"I don't get on this show and rag on my son, but Eli hangs in there now, it's not an easy situation. He doesn't complain. He doesn't make excuses and I don't think he makes excuses up there (in New York). Hey, it's football and it's quarterbacking and you just never know."

On Monday we discussed how it looks like the Giants are protecting Manning.

Tom Coughlin said Monday that Manning is healthy.

"He gets knocked around and gets back up and plays again. He’s done it for a long time and it’s no different now," Coughlin said.

What has been different is his performance, and the way the Giants have pulled in their offense.