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New York Giants' news, 11/12: Giants turn focus to Packers

New York Giants' headlines for Tuesday, 11/12.

Steve Weatherford
Steve Weatherford
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers come to MetLife Stadium Sunday with Scott Tolzien, their No. 3 quarterback, starting. Easy pickings for the New York Giants, right? Defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins knows the 3-6 Giants can't afford to think that way.

"Green Bay is still a good team," Jenkins said. "The defense, the defensive system that they run. They can bring a lot of different looks and a lot of different stunts, blitzes, things like that and the offense too. They still have Jordy [Nelson]out there, they still have Jones, I believe, is back and they’ve got a lot of weapons with the running game with Eddie Lacy. We can’t lose sight."

Safety Antrel Rolle agreed that the Giants can't take Green Bay for granted because of the absence of Aaron Rodgers and Seneca Wallace.

"Absolutely not. We’re 3-6. We’re in no way, shape or form going to underestimate anyone," Rolle said. "We know exactly who we have ahead of us. I think they have something that they haven’t had there in a long time, which is a run game, and we’re looking forward to playing those guys."

Weatherford: 'Windiest I've ever seen' MetLife Stadium

Giants' punter Steve Weatherford had one of the roughest days of his NFL career Sunday. He had three awful punts and had his fourth one partially blocked. Weatherford said the conditions at MetLife Stadium were difficult.

"That’s definitely the windiest I’ve ever seen that place," Weatherford said. "And it wasn’t like it was a sustained wind, it was really gusty so it could go from 15 to 28, it’s not like I had a windometer out there or whatever but it was difficult to make adjustments because you didn’t know how hard it was blowing or what direction it was blowing so it was definitely difficult for me because all of my punts were backed up into the teeth of it."

Coach Tom Coughlin was obviously unhappy with Weatherford's performance.

"You can’t slow things down," Coughlin said. "They (the Raiders) punted the ball very high and very deep and our first half was all backed up. We were not able to do that."

Weatherford has been inconsistent this season and told ESPN this has been the toughest season of his career.

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