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New York Giants' news, 11/1: Tom Landry a Giants' fan, and more

New York Giants' headlines for Friday, 11/1.

Tom Landry statue
Tom Landry statue
[ Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports]

After being fired in 1989 and ultimately shunned by Jerry Jones, legendary Dallas Cowboys' coach Tom Landry spent the rest of his life as a fan of the New York Giants, according to reports detailing the contents of a new book, "The Last Cowboy: A Life of Tom Landry,"about Landry's life. Landry died in 2000.

"The Giants are still like family," Alicia Landry said in a December 2011 interview, according to the book. "I still have dinner with Ann Mara [Wellington Mara’s widow] when she comes in. …The Giants never stopped being our family.

I watch Giants games. I want ‘em to win so I get involved in watching their games, as did [Tom Landry]. We loved the Maras the way we loved the [family of original Cowboys owner Clint Murchison]. After [the firing by Jones], well … it wasn’t the same."

]Valentine's View: This is one of the things that has always made the Giants a great organization. Win or lose, the Giants are a class operation. The Jerry Jones-led Cowboys? Well, you be the judge.]

Giants' safety Will Hill, suspended four games this season for drug use, got himself and his family out of town and away from temptation this week by heading to Disney World. Hill is an easy guy to root for despite his troubled past, says Dave Hutchinson of the Star-Ledger.

The Daily News got offensive lineman James Brewer to discuss his passion for video games.

The Huffington Post makes the argument that the Giants need to lose now to win in the long run.

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