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Da'Rel Scott aims to make most of second chance

After the David Wilson injury, Scott relieved to get a call back


One week he was the starter, the next he was back on his couch.

The last two weeks have been quite the roller-coaster ride for Da'Rel Scott, who was signed earlier this week to rejoin the New York Giants backfield following the neck injury to David Wilson. Scott drew the start for New York just two weeks ago, but then found himself released as the team looked to bulk up its struggling offensive line.

But for Scott, that's all in the past. He's just happy to be back in blue.

"I didn't see it coming. My family as well didn't see it coming, so they definitely had my back,' Scott said Tuesday. "I just thank God I'm here and that I have another opportunity, so I have to make the best of it."

Scott admitted it was frustrating to be cut, but the experience was "an eye-opener." On the way out, the team told him to stay ready.

When Scott watched Wilson get injured early Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles he was optimistic about his chances of rejoining the team, though he was saddened that an injury was why.

"(The Giants) said to stay ready; you never know what can happen. You can get a call next week or you can get a call before the playoffs. I had to make sure that I worked out and stayed on top of my game," the back said. "I felt good (about being called) but just to be back because of that -- I don't want to see guys getting hurt. I hope he gets healthy because we need him."

It is likely Scott will be the No. 2 back behind Brandon Jacobs against the Chicago Bears Thursday night, and that game remains his focus.

No matter how much he plays or doesn't play, Scott is grateful for his second chance. A week away from the team was anything but ideal for the veteran back.

"Just being home and being a free agent was very frustrating, especially coming out of left field like that," he said. "I just have to thank God. I have to make the most of it and just prove to (the Giants) I should be here."

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