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Fantasy Football: New York Giants Start/Sit Week 6

The Giants' overall outlook might not be that bright right now, but the New York Giants' wide receivers might be able help your fantasy teams through sheer volume.

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The New York Giants decided to tease the fan base this past Sunday. The biggest tease was the anticipation leading up to the game. Everyone knew that Tom Coughlin teams always seem to win those must win games.  Backs against the wall and that's when the Giants look like world beaters. The Giants of past years would all of a sudden get all three phases of their game going at the same time when they needed it most. The first drive of the game had every Giant fan exhaling and finally able to cheer.

The problem was that would be the last time we would cheer until the third quarter. While the Eagles put up 19 unanswered points, we struggled to make first downs. Brandon Jacobs was forced to carry the load after David Wilson was injured and reminded every Giant fan that it's not just Wilson who can fumble. The Giants were able make a run in the third quarter, but it was fool's gold. With the Giants being one-dimensional and putting the ball in the air almost every play bad things were bound to happen. While all three of Eli's interceptions might not have been his fault we have to realize that at this point of the season we cannot be so one dimensional.

On with the Start/Sit Advice

Eli Manning - I have him outside my top 16 QBs this week

220 yards passing 1 TD and 2 turnovers (my projection)

NumberFire:  298.14 yards passing 1.11 TDs 1.39 INTs

Manning on a short week against the Chicago Bears in Chicago doesn't seam like a very good matchup.  The only way he will put up numbers is by sheer volume.  If he attempts 50 passes he could have a top 15 QB week.  The Chicago Bears do have some injuries along the defensive line and haven't been getting their trademark pressure so there is hope, but not much.

Brandon Jacobs or Da'Rel Scott

NumberFire:  Brandon Jacobs 10.05 carries for 30.13 Yards and .04 TDs

NumberFire:  Da'Rel Scott  11.08 carries for 40.73 yards and .22 TDs  5.03 Receptions for 36.84 yards

David Wilson is injured and has been ruled out. Jacobs is starting and Scott has been re-signed and will be handling passing downs, but that doesn't scream to me a dynamic duo. NumberFire obviously sees the Giants playing from behind and Scott getting a lot of action as the third down back.

Victor Cruz

5.49 receptions for 79.85 yards and .41 TDs (NumberFire)

Rueben Randle

2.95 receptions for 39.34 yards and .25 TDs (NumberFire)

Hakeem Nicks

3.22 receptions for 41.38 yards and .19 TDs (NumberFire)

The only thing you can count on is that the Giants will have to throw the ball.  Cruz is a must start no matter what.  A couple of mediocre weeks don't change that. Nicks is a different story. I doubt many of you are going to bench Nicks after the stats he put up last week, but I would because of the short week. I think NumberFire has it right that Randle will outproduce Hakeem Nicks this week. I would only start Randle or Nicks if I had serious injury or bye week problems.  Nicks had 9 receptions for 142 yards last week, but it was a Tony Romo-like performance. He dropped a touchdown and then sealed the game by not finishing a route when he was exhausted at the end of the game.

Brandon Myers

4.16 receptions for 41.11 yards and .31 TDs

Myers is nursing an injury and has not had much production the last few weeks.  I wouldn't risk playing him on Thursday night.

Quick Notes from around the league ...

HUGE NEWS:  Julio Jones injured his foot and will miss the remainder of the season. Harry Douglas looks like the obvious waiver choice, but I would look to pick up Alshon Jeffrey, Keenan Allen, or even our very own Rueben Randle before picking up Douglas.

Zac Stacy will get another start for the Rams and Marcel Reece will be forced to start for the Raiders. If you need a running back because of injury or bye weeks look to them.

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